From Whimsy to Wisdom: SusanJane's Art

My paintings include whimsical creations that make one smile, compositions that comment on the issues of today's world, and others that are simply recording the beauty that surrounds us. My paintings tell a story. I try to infuse my characters with a personality that draws the viewer into the story being told.


My careers in sales, counseling and as an award winning Kitchen & Bath Designer, demanded that I understand the human psyche in order to satisfy the needs of my clients. I use that same ability now to interpret my subjects in watercolor. I find it mesmerizing to watch the vibrant pigments mingle on the paper, as the liquid travels across the shapes that it is bringing to life.

I call both the Twin Cities, MN and San Francisco, CA my hometowns, having spent half my life in each Metro Area. Today however I call Florida my home.


Do you have giclee prints ?

Yes, I offer high-quality giclée prints of selected artworks. Giclée prints are made using archival inks and premium paper or canvas, ensuring exceptional color accuracy and longevity.

Do you sell original paintings?

Yes, we offer original paintings by SusanJane for sale. Each original artwork is a one-of-a-kind creation, handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Owning an original painting allows you to own a piece of the artist's vision and craftsmanship, imbued with the unique energy and emotion of the creative process. Please check our gallery section to explore available original paintings.

What mediums do you primarily work with, and why?

SusanJane primarily works with watercolor on canvas, although she occasionally uses other substrates as well. Watercolor on canvas offers a unique blend of fluidity and texture, allowing her to create captivating compositions. She appreciates the way watercolor pigments interact with the canvas surface, bringing her subjects to life with vibrant hues and delicate washes.