About SusanJane

SusanJane's artwork spans a vibrant spectrum, from playful creations that bring a smile to your face, to thoughtful compositions that reflect on contemporary issues, and serene pieces that capture the beauty of the world around us.

Each painting tells a story, inviting viewers to step into a narrative brought to life through her distinctive style and keen eye for detail.

With a background in sales, counseling, and as an award-winning Kitchen & Bath Designer, SusanJane has honed an exceptional understanding of the human psyche.

This diverse career path has deeply influenced her artistic approach, allowing her to infuse her characters with a rich personality that resonates with viewers.

Her ability to connect with people on a profound level translates seamlessly into her watercolor paintings, where she captures the essence of her subjects with sensitivity and insight.

SusanJane finds immense joy in the watercolor medium, captivated by the way vibrant pigments dance across the paper.

She is mesmerized by the fluidity of the process, as the liquid travels and blends, bringing each shape to life with dynamic color and texture.

Her work reflects not just technical skill, but a deep emotional connection to her art and the stories she wishes to tell.

Splitting her life between the Twin Cities, MN, and San Francisco, CA, SusanJane has drawn inspiration from the diverse cultural and natural landscapes of these regions.

Each place has left an indelible mark on her artistic vision, enriching her work with varied perspectives.

Now residing in Florida, she continues to create, inspired by the new surroundings and experiences that shape her ever-evolving journey as an artist.


Do you have giclee prints ?

Yes, I offer high-quality giclée prints of selected artworks. Giclée prints are made using archival inks and premium paper or canvas, ensuring exceptional color accuracy and longevity.

Do you sell original paintings?

Yes, we offer original paintings by SusanJane for sale. Each original artwork is a one-of-a-kind creation, handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. Owning an original painting allows you to own a piece of the artist's vision and craftsmanship, imbued with the unique energy and emotion of the creative process. Please check our gallery section to explore available original paintings.

What mediums do you primarily work with, and why?

SusanJane primarily works with watercolor on canvas, although she occasionally uses other substrates as well. Watercolor on canvas offers a unique blend of fluidity and texture, allowing her to create captivating compositions. She appreciates the way watercolor pigments interact with the canvas surface, bringing her subjects to life with vibrant hues and delicate washes.